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Nebraska Real Estate Post-License Eduction Requirements:

Salesperson and Broker Licenses

If you were issued a new Nebraska real estate salesperson or broker license after July 1st 2020, you are required to complete post-license education within the first 180 days from your license issuance date. Licenses issues prior to July 1st 2020 do not need to complete this education. The required 12 credit hour course is ‘NE 7000: Real Estate Practice’, which covers the required knowledge and skills for real estate practice, including, but not limited to, completing contracts and listing agreements and handling of client funds.

Designated Broker License

In order to act as a designated broker for any other real estate licensee in Nebraska, the designated broker applicant must complete twelve (12) credit hours of approved courses of post-license education in the following subjects: Real Estate Trust Accounting, Brokerage Finance, Business Ethics, and Risk Management. We make this simple with our online NE 6000: Nebraska Designated Broker Post-Licensing package that covers all required elements of your post-license education. If you have additional questions about these requirements and how they affect you, you can also contact the NE Real Estate Commission.


Available Online Classes

TitleCourseDescriptionCredit HoursCost
Real Estate PracticeNE 7000Salesperson and Broker licensees in the state of Nebraska must complete the NE 7000 course within 180 days of licensure to avoid being placed on inactive status.12$104
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Designated Broker Requirement (post-license)NE 6000This course covers all aspects of Real Estate Finance, including The Monetary System, Sources of Money, the Lending Process and Insurance.12$112
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Available In-Person Classes

TitleCourseDescriptionCredit HoursCost
Real Estate PracticeNE 7000Real Estate Practice Post-Licensing Courses is a program designed to provide students with the basics of the real estate business. This 12 hour Course is required by the NREC and must be completed within 180 days of passing the real estate licensee test. The course is broken into 4 areas of study, however it is offered as one course and may not be taken separately.12$110

Dates and Times updated frequently

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The areas of study include: 

Part 1 – Real Estate in Today’s Market (3 Hours) 

Part 2 – Working with Sellers (3 Hours) 

Part 3 – Working with Buyers (3 Hours) 

Part 4 – Contract Considerations (3 Hours)