"What are the requirements to obtain a salesperson’s license?”
Licensees must be 19 years of age. The student must have a high school diploma or certificate of equivalency. Complete 66 hours of approved course work, provide the Nebraska Real Estate Commission with a criminal background check run by the state patrol, and pass the state licensing exam. Larabee school offers 3 courses which each provide 30 hours of credit towards the 66 hours Salesperson License requirements: Principles & Practice, Real Estate Finance, Nebraska License Law and 6 hour required class Developing Professional Conduct and Ethical Practices 0003.

“Where do I apply and get more information for the Real Estate Sales Person or Broker Exam?”
You will want to contact the Nebraska Real Estate Commission and request the desired application and information packet with fees and application deadlines as well as exam locations and dates. or call (402) 471-2004

“How do I get started with classes at Larabee?”
You can get started with either in class or on-line courses. We highly encourage you to enroll via our web page enrollment process. All real estate courses are approved by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission for licensure purposes. We are also an approved Postsecondary Career School by the Nebraska Department of Education. Our policies are stated within each career area as you look at the classes that most fit your need.

“Is there an attendance requirement?”
100% attendance is required for all in-class sessions. We understand that emergencies do happen—in that case, please contact us to work out alternatives. This of course does not apply for our on-line classes.

“Refund and Cancellation Policy for Pre-License and Exam Prep”
A full refund will be made if you cancel at least 3 working days prior to the start of the class or event. A 100% refund will be made if the school cancels the class. Students have the option to transfer their tuition fee to another course for up to 6 months, if the student would prefer that option. No refunds on materials. For on-line, a refund will be decided by VanEd360 Training.

“Refund and Cancellation Policy for Continuing Education”
If you cancel one of our Continuing Education Courses within 2 working days prior to the class, we will be happy to refund your money. Otherwise, there is no refund. You can have the option to enroll in another CE class we have available if space permits. No refunds for on-line CE.

“Do you offer job placement after completing the state exam?”
Larabee School of Real Estate does not place students upon certification.

“What are the requirements to obtain a Broker’s license?”
Licensees must be 19 years of age and must have a high school diploma or certificate of equivalency. Licensees must have two years full-time experiences as a salesperson plus an additional 60 clock hours (2 additional classes) of approved course work, plus 6 hour Developing Professional Conduct and Ethical Practices 0003 and pass state licensing exam. Broker licensure prerequisite through Larabee School of Real Estate consists of Principles & Practice, Real Estate Finance or Nebraska License Law may also be taken to achieve a total of 60 hours of required education. After the required 60 hours are completed you may take any of the remaining classes we offer toward your broker’s license.

“Once I become an agent, do I need to take any additional classes to keep my license?”
Licensees are required to complete 18 clock hours of continuing education every two years. Of these 18 hours, at least 6 hours must be in designated subject matter these courses are indicated with the letter “R” in the four-digit course content number that is assigned to the course. Up to 6 hours can be “commission approved training”. Continuing Education Credit will not be granted when activities or substantial activity content is duplicated within 4 years. However, “R” courses are an exception to this rule and may be duplicated in subsequent continuing education periods (every two years) but NOT in the same continuing education period. The course content number is used to determine duplication of content between courses.

“What are Broker Approved hours and how do they count toward my Continuing Education?”
Licensees are required to complete 18 clock hours of continuing education every two years. Up to 6 hours can be “commission approved training”. Whether live or on-line, Commission Approved Training requires that the “EMPLOYING BROKER”– for the agent fill out and submit to the provider of the training a “NOTICE OF TRAINING SCHEDULING” form (NOTS). This form MUST be submitted to the provider prior to the live or on-line session and time must be given to allow the provider to submit the form to the commission at least 48 hours Monday – Friday. In some instances, your “Employing Broker” may have already approved the course. Please feel free to contact the provider of the training prior to registering to verify this. If you are not certain of who your “EMPLOYING BROKER” is, go to to “License and Applicant Search”, your employing broker is listed with your name.

“What are some things I should know about the license exam process?”
To obtain a pre-license packet from the NE Real Estate Commission, please call 402-471-2004. This packet will have all necessary information for the applicant to apply for licensure, fingerprints to complete a background check and also to register to take the state exam. The fingerprinting process can take 8 to 10 weeks. Fingerprints may be taken at one of the Nebraska State Patrol locations. Along with the fingerprinting application, the exam fee of $285 must be received by the NREC office before they will release the fingerprint cards to the applicant. The Nebraska Real Estate Commission will mail the applicant the fingerprinting card once processed. An applicant’s fingerprints are valid for one year. State testing may be scheduled once fingerprints have been received and the application has been approved. There are four testing sites in Nebraska: Omaha, Lincoln, North Platte, and Scottsbluff. Examination results are provided immediately upon completion of the exam. Note: Once you take the exam make sure you contact the Nebraska Real Estate Commission within 30 days of passing the exam.

“Can I use military reimbursement for Larabee School classes?”
Education reimbursement through the Veterans Administration may be used toward payment for Larabee courses and materials. The student will need to contact the VA to apply and receive more information. Once the student has contacted the VA and can provide contact information to the school for billing, we will contact the VA representative for payment.

Call the VA GI Bill Hotline at 888-GIBILL-1 (888-442-4551) between 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. Central Time, Monday-Friday


Click HERE for more information on VA Education Benefits

“What is your winter weather policy?”
Inclement Weather Policy: In the case of inclement weather our cancellation policy follows Lincoln Public School's weather policy. Communications will be made to local radio, television stations. If Lincoln Public Schools cancels classes due to weather, it is to be assumed that Larabee School of Real Estates classes are also canceled. In the absence of a specific announcement to the contrary, it should be understood that classes will continue as scheduled. If you cannot attend class due to the weather, and we do not inform you of a cancellation, please call us and we will assist you with your options.

“What if I have a concern or complaint?”
If you have a concern or complaint free to call us at (402) 436-3308. You may also call the Nebraska Real Estate Commission at 402-471-2004.

“What are the Larabee codes of conduct?”
The Larabee Code of Conduct illustrates we expect of our students when they attend class. We reserve the right to dismiss any student who exhibits belligerent, disruptive, inappropriate or disrespectful behavior.

  • Respect each other’s way of learning
  • Have your say – and listen to others
  • Only have one conversation at a time
  • Ask questions – there are no stupid questions
  • Participate to your fullest ability
  • If something is not working for you, speak up or talk to the instructor at break\
  • Be on time for class and from breaks – 100% attendance is required
  • Please turn off mobile phones and other electronic devices unless instructor gives you permission to use them
  • Absolutely no video or voice recording is allowed in the classroom