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Pre-requisite: Foundation of Principles & Practice (30 hours)

Real Estate Finance (30 hours)

Nebraska Real Estate License Law (30 hours)


Principles and Practice

is practical real estate learning that is 100% necessary to any agent or future agent’s success. The content of this class is geared toward teaching learners how to lead their clients through the real estate transaction process, how to make informed business decisions and prepares learners to test at the national and state level. The course uses a variety of educating techniques to suite all types of learners – a required course for obtaining your real estate license.

Real Estate Finance

discusses the essentials of real estate finance, emphasizing the importance of our credit-based economy, supply and demand and how the relationship between the local financial market and the national secondary market affect real estate. In addition it discusses processes in individual transactions important for the successful real estate agent to understand.

Nebraska License Law

focuses on the knowledge most critical to Licensee training in Nebraska License Law. This is separate from the National portion of the licensee exam. In addition, this course is designed to develop effective classroom training.




Registration and payment must be received at least three business days prior to the start of class. No registrations will be accepted after the class has been closed.

It doesn’t hurt to plan ahead! Look over the pre-license and exam prep schedule online and pre-plan the path you will take to obtain all your class hours.

In addition we have intentionally offered our in-class pre-license coursework back-to-back to ensure your success on the exam.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

1. If a student provides notice of cancellation within 72 hours of enrollment but before classes begin or a student begins on-line course work, the school will provide a full refund of all tuition paid minus costs for any materials provided.

2. If a student provides notice of cancellation after 72 hours of enrollment, but before classes begin or a student begins on-line coursework, the school will provide a refund of tuition paid minus a $50.00 registration fee and the cost of materials provided.

3. Once classes begin or a student begins on-line course work, there will be no refunds for materials or tuition. However, as long as the student makes a written request within 45 days after the beginning of the class or online coursework, the school will consider applying payment to another class. In all cases the initial class or online coursework or substitute must be completed within 12 months of the initial class registration.

4. There shall be a full refund of payments in the event the school cancels or discontinues a course/program before the student could have reasonably completed the course/program. For 45 days after the class is cancelled or discontinued, the student will have the option to transfer their tuition fee to another course. However, there will be no refund for materials provided.

5. Should the school cease to operate, student’s enrollment shall receive a full refund for any course for which the student is not entitled to a Certificate of Completion. Again, there will be no refund for materials provided.

6. The school may terminate a student’s enrollment if any of the following apply: a. Nonpayment of tuition b. Disruptive behavior during classroom instruction. If the school terminates a student’s enrollment for these reasons, the school will provide a full refund of tuition paid minus the cost of materials. *Course attendance for termination purposes is determined by a roster in the classroom or through our on-line class system. Students are to sign the roster each day they are in attendance.

Classroom Attendance Policy

100% attendance is required. If a class is missed a student is expected to make up that session in an upcoming class in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Re-take Policy

Should you feel the need to re-take a course, the Larabee School will allow you to retake the class. Should you fail the NE Real Estate license exam and want to retake a course, you may retake the course within 3 months of taking the exam. After 3 months past your exam date, full tuition for the course will be charged to re-take the course.


In the case of inclement weather our cancellation policy follows Lincoln Public School's weather policy. Communications will be made to local radio, television stations. If Lincoln Public Schools cancels classes due to weather, it is to be assumed that Larabee School of Real Estates classes are also canceled. In the absence of a specific announcement to the contrary, it should be understood that classes will continue as scheduled. If you cannot attend class due to the weather, and we do not inform you of a cancellation, please call us and we will assist you with your options.

Passing the Course Exams

Our students must get 70% on course exams in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Video Recording Policy

Any use of video or sound recording during class is strictly prohibited. Should a student be caught recording any portion of the class, he/she will be immediately excused and no refund will be given.